Media Performance Dashboards

Premium Membership to mediaQuant provides unlimited access to media performance metrics and analytics for all trend, brand, and influencer sectors via interactive online dashboards.

Dashboards provide an analytically robust, interactive visual interface to monthly media ratings, rankings, and analytics across the entire trend catalog. We currently deliver five separate dashboards that provide pre-defined data views, each with multiple filters that enable subscribers to view, compare, and analyze the data across multiple dimensions. Data can also be exported for local use.

1. The Sector View Dashboard provides a quick overview of media performance metrics within a sector (e.g., Car Sharing Brands), including media ratings, rankings, and change dynamics for all sector entities. Most users will interact with the sector dashboard since it provides both a overall sector view along with advanced drill-down capabilities into individual entities within the sector. Users can filter, select, rank and highlight any entity (e.g., Uber) to view specific media performance metrics. mediaQuant Sector View dashboard thumbnail
2. The Entity View Dashboard is where you get key performance metrics for a specific sector entity (e.g., Lyft in the Car Sharing Brands sector). Topline metrics include current-month media rating and ranking with point and percent changes, as well as current and trailing 12-month media value, media sentiment, and a 4-year historical growth chart. Segment-level metrcis and change dynamics are shown for fourteen regional and channel-specific media segments. mediaQuant Entity Detail dashboard thumbnail
3. The 2-Up Comparison Dashboard provides a comparative view of any two entities within a Category (e.g., Brands). After selecting the two entities to compare (e.g., Uber and Lyft), users see the key topline and segment-level performance metrics shown side-by-side. mediaQuant 2-Up Comparison dashboard thumbnail
4. The 6-Up Comparison Dashboard provides a comparative view of up to 6 entities within a Category (e.g., Brands). After selecting entities to compare (e.g., Uber, Lyft, Getaround, Car2Go, Zipcar, BlaBlaCar), users see the key topline and segment-level performance metrics shown side-by-side. mediaQuant 6-Up Comparison dashboard thumbnail
5. The Media Landscape Dashboard provides a comprehensive and broad view of the overall media landscape for a selected Category (e.g., Brands). All Sectors within the Category are displayed along with the Sector media dynamics (advancing, declining, unchanged, new highs and lows). Users can quickly view the top gainers, losers and brands or trends with the highest media momentum scores. Complete filters and ranking controls are provided for fine-tuning the Top 90 listing. mediaQuant Media Landscape dashboard thumbnail