Measure All Your Earned Media With One Simple Rating

By measuring and indexing a vast catalog of media coverage across print, broadcast and online news, social media and search, our media rating provides a standard benchmark of media prominence on a 100-point scale that can be compared against any other measured topic.

We group topics first by trend, brand, or influencer category, then from there into sectors, (e.g., Athletic & Outdoor Apparel Brands) to align with established industry and market segments.

We measure, index, and publish a trend, brand, or influencer’s media rating within 14 traditional and social media segments, e.g., worldwide newspapers, TV broadcast, blogs, Twitter, consumer media, etc., culled from more than 20,000 global news sources. A weighted roll-up of these media segments determines the topline rating to provide the best overall measure of media prominence. Individual segment-level media ratings provide additional context and granularity.



Media Rating Specifications


Data Collection and Publishing Cycle:

Calendar Month

Performance Scale:

0 to 100

Media Catalog:

Growing catalog of 4,000+ trend, brands, and influencers organized into 40+ market sectors. Don’t see something you want to track – let us know and we’ll code it in.

Media Segments:

14 segments created from 100,000+ global, national, and regional English language news sources.


  • WW Newspapers
  • Top 50 U.S. Newspapers
  • TV Broadcast
  • Top Consumer Media
  • Top Business Media
  • Top Trade Media
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia


  • Online News
  • Online Search



  • Blogs
  • Twitter
  • Forums

Media Metrics

Media Rating: Current-month topline and segment-level ratings; change over prior month, prior year, YOY, CUME; rating comparisons across sector.

Peer Rank for current month; rank change over prior month and year; peer rank comparisons across sector.

Media Mentions for current month and trailing 12 months.

Media Sentiment including the average for the sector.

Media Value for current month and trailing 12 months.

4-Year Historical Growth Chart highlighting moving average and 4-year high/low.

Media Momentum comparison of short- versus long-term exponential moving averages.

Read More About Our Media Rating Methodology