Manage Brand Health. Evaluate PR Programs. Monetize Coverage. Align with Trending Topics and Influencers.

mediaQuant provides marketers with a standard, comparative metric for measuring and analyzing news coverage across traditional and social media. Using our ratings and rankings, marketers can know exactly how their brands, competitor brands, and market influencers are trending in the news.


Harness the Power of Earned Media

From old fashioned print to handheld devices, your customers are consuming more news than ever before. And savvy marketers know that earned media is more effective than paid advertising or branded content in driving consumer action through all stages of the purchase process. Earned media across print, broadcast, and online is credible and trusted, has broad reach and shelf life, and amplifies the impact of paid and owned media. It’s is a critical corporate asset that should be rigorously measured, monitored, and managed. That’s where mediaQuant fits in.



With a Simple Comparative Score

mediaQuant delivers the industry’s first standard measure of earned media prominence, called the media rating. We track and index media coverage for thousands of business and consumer trends, brands, and influencers across global news channels and distill it down to a simple comparative score between 0 and 100. Using our media ratings and rankings, businesses can work smarter by benchmarking and monitoring brand health, evaluating return on PR outreach, monetizing coverage, and aligning strategy with the trends and influencers that drive mindshare and market share.


Uniform Measurement Framework

For Everything You Want to Measure

Our metric is surprisingly powerful, yet intuitive and completely transparent. By measuring a vast catalog of media coverage using a consistent methodology, our media rating delivers a uniform benchmark that can be compared against any other measured topic, across industries, time frames, and media segments. Use one simple metric to measure your brand, competitor brands, and the trends and influencers affecting your business. Each month, more than 4,000 entities are measured and indexed across 20,000+ global, national, and regional media sources, with historical analysis going back 4 years.


Robust Analytic Dashboards

Using Cool Analytic Dashboards

From a user perspective, our analytics offer a blend of stock market indices and Billboard’s® classic ranking services. We felt the ability to track and compare entire sectors, generate high/low/close rating values, and deliver peer rankings (advancing, declining, unchanged, fast movers, etc.) spoke to the data-driven mindset. Using our analytic dashboards, marketers can quickly get a top-level view of brand, trend, or influencer media prominence, or drill down and compare at the media-segment level. Learn more about our unique measurement methodology.