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The numbers behind the news

From old fashioned print to handheld devices, your customers are consuming more media than ever before. And research confirms that across media types, earned media is the most effective in driving consumer behavior from awareness and consideration, through purchase and preference.

Earned media – 3rd-party content in newspapers, magazines, broadcast and cable news, online news and blogs, and social networks and forums – is credible and trusted, has broad reach and shelf life, and amplifies the impact of paid and owned media. Furthermore, traditional and social earned media are inextricably linked, underscoring the need to measure and manage them within a consistent and uniform analytic framework.

mediaQuant media measurement dashboard.

Optimizing earned media should therefore be central to any data-driven marketing strategy, utilizing measurement tools that enable companies to monitor their brand and keep pace with the issues, competitors, people, and organizations affecting their business. But a pervasive drawback to existing solutions is their lack of comparative or contextual analysis capabilities or the ability to assign relative importance to a given measurement. How high is high? How significant is it? Is it weak or strong compared to its peer group?


mediaQuant, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, was born out of this need to provide a more universal measure of media prominence to a wide audience, at an affordable price. We felt businesses would benefit from a standard “ruler” for measuring media prominence across a vast and endlessly growing catalog of trends, brands, people, and organizations.

So we developed the  media rating, a standard, comparative measure of media prominence that is always between 0 and 100, and we are using it to measure a growing catalog of more than 4,000 global trends, brands, and influencers. Using our media performance dashboards, companies can benchmark the media prominence of their brands and competitor brands, track the key issues and influencers affecting mindshare and market share, monitor and compare media momentum over time, within peer groups, and across multiple print, broadcast and online media segments, and monetize the value of media coverage.

Please explore this website to learn more about our methodology, benefitsfree metrics, premium analytic dashboards, and the trends, brands, and influencers we’re currently measuring. Or contact us today.

The Team

Paul Senatori is mediaQuant’s visionary and chief analytics officer. He is an experienced business and market analyst with a passion for media measurement and analysis. From his earliest work as an analyst for Field Research Corp. to his later work at Biz360 doing in-depth brand and media measurement for companies in the financial, manufacturing, research, technology, automotive, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries, Paul has been providing companies with valuable insights to help them succeed more effectively in their market. Paul has a B.S. in marketing and information systems management from the University of San Francisco.

Mary Harris is mediaQuant’s COO/CMO, managing knowledge engineering, marketing, and business operations. She is a versatile and customer-focused marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in start-up, high-growth, and established companies. Mary holds a B.S. in economics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Joe Leider is an analytics consultant for mediaQuant. He combines a 15-year background in data visualization, database marketing, and web analytics with an unbridled passion for analyzing, transforming, and visualizing data to help businesses work smarter. If there’s a compelling story behind the data, Joe will find it. Joe has an M.S. in Business from Boston University and a B.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown.

Sonja Overpeck is Head of Business Development for mediaQuant. She is a tenacious and driven professional who builds trust and integrity as the foundation of her personal and business relationships. Her customer-oriented sales approach has made her successful throughout her sales career spanning diverse industries, from high-tech to wine & spirits to skin care. Sonja has B.S. in Business Administration from Cal State Hayward.