Dubbed the “Prince of PR“, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman‘s multi-million dollar PR offensive is showing impressive and measurable results. His contentious anti-corruption, pro-arms and oil, pro-social reform agenda notwithstanding, he’s succeeding at earning considerable and growing media attention in both traditional and social news outlets, making him the #10 media-ranked influencer in the global sphere.

Looking at the history chart, you can see where his media prominence shifted into high gear in January 2017. His media rating, a comparative, 0-100 measure of relative media coverage, for the March 1-31 news cycle is up +10 points since last month to 86, and up a whopping 27 points over the prior year.

At a media segment level, his media prominence has reached new highs, denoted in green, in nearly all segments except consumer news, business news, and online search. Media value, the monetized U.S. dollar value of his coverage based on news source, circulation, and weighted advertising rates, tallied $10.2 million for March and $33.2 million for the trailing 12-month period. That’s a 1,380% increase over the prior year — exceptional ROI on the PR spend. Positive and negative media sentiment is identical at 18% for each, with the remaining 64% being neutral.

Looking at the table, you can see how Prince Salman’s media coverage compares with that of prominent world leaders and influencers, bringing him into top-10 peer position with heads of state. Can he sustain the momentum? Time will tell, and mediaQuant will measure it.