For decades the Volvo brand has been synonymous with safety, continuously setting the bar for safety standards while bringing high-performance luxury vehicles to market. With its recent announcement of an all “electrified” line-up by 2019, one could say it is extending its “safety” promise to the environment too.

Granted, every automaker who wants to sell cars in Europe will have no choice but to commit to all-electric by 2020 to comply with EU 7, the law that will limit the continent’s average new-car CO2 emissions at 95 grams per kilometre. Polluters just can’t get a break.

While every other luxury automaker has a chip in the EV game, Volvo is the first to articulate, and promote, a future entirely based on electric and hybrid vehicles. The brand has enjoyed strong media prominence over the past 4 years with a steady aggregate rating of 88. With July’s announcement, the brand was up +4 points to 92, earning it a #10 peer rank and nearly $10M in media value. Both traditional and social segments were strong, with 4-year highs achieved in worldwide papers, broadcast, business news, and regionally in North America and Europe media markets.

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