The extent and length to which story lines are covered in the news is an important indicator of a topic’s potential impact on your business or market. Brexit, the popular term for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, is a perfect example of this. The social and economic implications within the UK, across the EU, and globally are potentially huge.

mediaQuant uniquely quantifies the media prominence of this and other news topics in a concise and practical metric. How large and wide is the Brexit “current” and is it ebbing or continuing to sweep up all manner of business narratives?

When you look at the most recent media metrics, Brexit is ranked #8 in Global Politics, dead-even with story lines on global warming and oil & gas prices. All three hit a very high 94 media rating (0-100 comparative score of media prominence) for the June news cycle, with Brexit advancing +1 point over the prior period. The aggregate rating continues a new rating high for the topic, while at a media-segment level Brexit earned 100 rating in worldwide newspapers, broadcast, business publications, and regionally/country-focused media outlets in Europe. The only soft segment was inĀ online search at 55.

In summary, the media metrics show a strong trajectory and staying-power behind the Brexit topic. This is confirmed by the trailing 12-month media rating of 93, just a point shy of the historical rating high.