Following a big win at Cannes, Sofia Coppola has just joined a very exclusive club. Coppola picked up the best director prize at the French film festival, becoming only the second female director to do so in the event’s 70-year history. Ms. Coppola was honored for directing her film “The Beguiled,” a thriller starring Nicole Kidman as a woman who runs a Southern girls’ boarding school during the Civil War.

The trailer looks great, and I’m not even a big history buff. But trailers aside, the media rating numbers for Coppola and Kidman show the significant media attention on the Cannes event. Coppola’s media rating (0-100 comparative score of media prominence) was up +11 pts. over the prior period, landing at a strong 64. Her rank within the highly competitive TV/Film Sector moved from #183 to #54 on the Cannes win.

Ms. Coppola’s Cannes win reverses a long 4-year rating decline for the director. Her media performance was strong across all media segments with the exception of online search (29 pts.) and online news (48 pts.), both well-off her 64 topline media rating. She did hit a new high of 82 points in the worldwide newspapers segment which devoted significant coverage to the Cannes Film Festival.

The lead actress in Coppola’s film, Nicole Kidman maintained her already strong sector position with her win in the 70th Anniversary Award category. Kidman’s June rating was up a similar +11 points to close the May 1-31 news cycle at a 77 rating. Media sentiment is predominantly neutral for both Coppola and Kidman, so there are no editorial red flags there.

Seasoned media personalities know this already: it’s all about sustaining the high media exposure that accompanies awards and events. The troughs can drain your brand equity, so it’s important for Ms. Coppola to leverage her new position. Kidman is already a master at earning and maintaining media exposure, which is probably more important for an actor than a director.