Not surprisingly, the 2016 Presidential Election has buoyed the media profiles of many TV commentators. From Charlie Rose to George Stephanopoulos, the “Trump Phenomena” has not only increased TV ratings, but has propelled your everyday talking head to rock star status. Here’s a look at some of the beneficiaries of the 2016 Election. I show the trailing 12-month cumulative media value for each media personality and their current media rating (a comparative measure of earned media visibility) to quantify their role in this year’s election cycle.

Megyn Kelly Fox NewsMEGYN KELLY ($18.7 MILLION)
Fox News commentator-turned-election-news-celebrity Megyn Kelly has had an impressive media rise since the GOP debates back in March. At a media rating of 72, she’s just -5 points shy of her 4-year high of 77, and a whopping +28 points ahead of her 4-year low of 44 in March 2013. Kelly has maintained an elevated media position over the last 6 months, averaging a 70 media rating. Current-month media value was $1.4 million.
You can’t talk about GOP media coverage without mentioning Trump spokesperson, I mean Fox News political commentator, Ann Coulter. Coulter is operating just below Megyn Kelly on the rating scale at 70 points, up +14 points from the prior-month news cycle. But unlike Kelly, Coulter’s ratings didn’t spike until mid-2016, around the time of her new book release and Donald Trump’s GOP nomination. Current-month media value is a strong $1.6 million.
Beloved TV journalist Matt Lauer reached a 4-year media visibility high in August, gaining +17 points to earn a 72 rating. A lot of this stemmed from Olympic coverage, including his interview with gold medal swimmer and facts-exaggerator Ryan Lochte. However, his negative sentiment was off the charts at an unprecedented 50% (vs. 10% average for the media celebrity sector). And this excludes coverage of his inept, Trump-pandering interview during the prime-time Clinton-Trump forum. But even a flop can translate into a good rating month, with media value exceeding $3.2 million.
Jumping father down the media visibility stream is former Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields. Recall that it wasn’t Ms. Fields’ reporting that propelled her into the media spotlight, but rather her physical assault by former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, caught in full smartphone video glory. While Fields’ August coverage advanced her +8 rating points to 54, she is well under her 4-year high of 70 last April. Current-month media value was very low at just under $165,000.
Charlie Rose is an example showing the impact a presidential election can have on a brand. The talk show host had been pulling a consistent 50 media rating over the preceding 4-year period, an active media stretch for Rose with no lack of high-profile interviews and related media exposure. Along comes the 2016 presidential election and Rose advanced +20 points which he maintained for 2 consecutive months, with a brief dip in July back to pre-election levels. During August, Rose was back on the campaign trail and his media rating is once again up +20 points at 68 , earning $4.5 million in media value for the month.
Sean Hannity is turning in strong media ratings during the 2016 election with current August figures up +9 points at a new rating high of 74. His segment-level ratings are strongest in non-consumer print and broadcast outlets and on Twitter. His 6-month rating average is solidly in the 60s at 63 and his current-month media value was $2.4 million.
At a media rating of 60, relative coverage for conservative radio host Glenn Beck is lagging compared with his peers. His current-month media value was a mere $357,000. While his latest month’s rating advanced +8 points, his trailing 12-month and 4-year numbers are down -5%. Like Hannity, Beck is strongest in traditional U.S. print and broadcast, and Twitter. Relatively speaking, Beck’s run as one of the top conservative media personalities lost considerable traction this year while his peers advanced on the massive media build-up around Donald Trump’s headline-grabbing bid for the oval office.
The politically savvy commentator with the super long last name is having a late media rating surge this year. His ratings over the preceding 4-year period have been consistent, but not anything to rock the media personalities sector. His current-month rating is up +7 points at a new high of 60. Relative to many of his peers at or near 70, Mr. Stephanopoulos is not operating in the same rating stratosphere. But his momentum is looking up as are his year-over-year growth metrics at +21%. Current-month media value came in at a solid $3.6 million.