If you’re new to the football – America football – then you may not be familiar with Mr. Garoppolo. But if you’ve been wondering what the New England Patriots are going to do with Tom Brady out for the critical first 4-games in the upcoming season, then Jimmy Garoppolo is front and center.

The new starter for the Patriots advanced on the media ratings front, up +29 points from relative obscurity to a new high of 57.  Jimmy passed 96 other NFL players in the NFL sector to a coveted #12 position.  His media values are still very low at $68,307 for the July period (vs. $1.7 million for Tom Brady).  Media sentiment is balanced at 15% positive and negative while growth rates are all up significantly.  From a media segment perspective, Garoppolo is in very low rating territory at 13 points.  Essentially very few individuals are actually looking for information on the Patriot’s relief quarterback.  In comparison, Tom Brady’s search rating is now at 63 points.

The brand and media challenge for Jimmy Garoppolo is clear.  It’s not only a rare opportunity to be the relief quarterback to last year’s Superbowl champions, but equally rare to have this much media spotlight suddenly thrust upon you.  It’s time to build and secure your brand foundation Mr. Garoppolo!  Take it from every agent and PR professional, 90 percent of media success is getting the initial attention of the media.

The door has opened.  It’s time for your agent to secure and build upon the career-defining media opportunity.