pokemon-donaldToo bad Pokémon GO just missed the GOP convention cutoff, otherwise (from a media rating perspective) the much sought after Nintendo game character might have given GOP delegates an alternative.

Politics aside, Pokémon GO hit the mobile gaming sector like Trump hit the sensibilities of the American electorate. The mobile game brand closed July up +28 points to close the very active media period at 96 — just 3 points below that of the two candidates for president of the United States. And we wonder what the undecided voters have been up to?!

Media value for Pokémon GO came in at $461 million for July, an amazing single-month media haul. To put this in presidential candidates’ perspective, Trump and Clinton earned $567m and $541m respectively. Positive media sentiment is running very strong at 33% with a negligible 7% negative component. Positive sentiment is about twice that of Clinton and Trump.

But take a look at the 4-year rating hockey stick. Here’s a game that came out of media hiding to absolute media darling in a single month. We’re expanding the mobile games sector to include additional game titles and characters over the next few months to enable better sector comparisons. But Pokémon GO was a wake up call that the the summer is not all about the presidential candidates. There’s also some mischievous fun to be had outdoors with your smartphone!

The only segment showing any weakness (if you can call a 68 rating weak) would be Online Search, up +1 point at 68.