Aside from the historic nomination of Hillary Clinton as the first woman U.S. presidential candidate, the big news on the earned media front is that Clinton’s post-convention bounce brought her media coverage even with Trump’s, breaking the $500 million mark for monthly earned media value in the process.

When weighted for audience, reach, segment, and sentiment, Hillary Clinton closed July with a new media rating high of 99, earning $541 million in aggregate media value. With 72m mentions for the month, she now shares the #1 peer rank position with Trump after trailing the GOP candidate in earned media for the last 8 months.

Here’s a snapshot of the July metrics, which included convention and VP nominee selection coverage along with the usual scandals. It was a big month for both candidates.

On the GOP side, Donald Trump is showing no media rating weakness. While his media momentum figures show he is losing momentum in the sector, with a sustained 12-month rating above 96 points, driving any more momentum out of an election-saturated media market is near impossible. Both candidates continue to dominate the global media channels.

Donald Trump’s July rating was flat at 99 points, fueled by 86m media mentions earning $567m in aggregate media value. Interestingly, while the candidate’s media value is up over the prior month, it is off his May media value high of $638m.

There are no segment weaknesses in either candidates July rating profiles. Positive media sentiment is running at a similar pace for both candidates.

Not surprisingly, post-nomination metrics for Tim Kaine and Mike Pence show both candidates catapulting from relative obscurity to top media positions.

Let’s start with Pence. Not surprisingly, Mike Pence generated a new rating high after his announcement as Donald Trump’s running mate.  Up to the announcement he had been operating at a respectable 50 point rating.  Media momentum has been on a steady advance over the preceding 6-months as the candidate’s name began circulating as a possible VP nominee. But it was the final announcement that drove Pence’s media rating up +45 points in July, moving him into the #6 peer rank position. Pence shows consistently strong ratings across all 14 segments, and his media momentum is building nicely.

Tim Kaine blew through July with spectacular ratings, advancing +30 points to close the month in the #4 rank position behind Trump, Clinton and Sanders. Media momentum surged in July on the back of relatively low media volumes over prior years. Outside the VP nomination process, Kaine’s rating performance rarely topped 45 points. Kaine is known as an influential Senator with a low public profile outside his home state of Virginia. Kaine’s $100 million media value in July was nearly 98% of the candidates total media over the last 12-months. Like Pence, Tim Kaine came from relative national media obscurity to earn a top media coverage position.