kim-hillary-kanyeWe’re often asked if there are any topics more popular than the current presidential front-runners. Surprisingly, the answer is yes. But not many.

First, let’s get the current candidate media ratings on the table.  Donald Trump showed a slight +1 point rating increase this month, closing the media period at 99. Hillary Clinton experienced a similar +1 point jump, closing just under Trump’s 99 rating at a solid 98.

Both candidates are well ahead of the closest presidential aspirant, Bernie Sanders who showed no change in his rating position at 96. You have to venture pretty far down the rating list to find the next candidate, John Kasich, who closed the May period down -7 points at 83.

Now, back to our broad media-wide comparison.  Trump is tied with 2 other media topics at 99 – Cancer storylines and Google. The almost ubiquitous media topic that is Donald Trump was eclipsed by only two brands, Facebook and Twitter, both at a 100 rating position.

Moving on to Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State shares her 98 media rating position with a larger set of brands and topics: Disney, Instagram, iPhone, Microsoft, mobile apps, The New York Times, smartphones and Youtube. For a celebrity comparison, media favorites and  fellow selfie subjects Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are at 89 and 88 respectively.


You can begin to see just how prominent the two candidates are within the broader media landscape when they’re compared to popular and well-known consumer topics. It’s interesting to note the complete absence of professional athletes and celebrities in the top-20 rating list. The 2016 candidates’ coverage across all media tiers and segments is almost without comparison.