End of life care. Something we typically ignore until our parents are in need of it.

End of life care topic coverage is up +1 point at a strong 78 rating, just behind assisted living stories at 79 (up +6 points over the prior month).

We’re keeping a close media eye on “aging in place” story developments give recent activity around the topic and it’s new rating high over the May media period. ¬†The topic is currently at 62 points, advancing +5 points over the prior month period. ¬†Assisted living stories also showed significant movement, up +8 points at a 77 rating.

We’re currently only tracking the top 12-issues affecting seniors, but we’re coding new issues and story developments each month with a goal of covering the entire sector over the next few months.

Overall, the sector rating average has moved from a low of 59 to a current high this month of 70 points.