Between my teenage daughter and our expanding celebrity sector coverage, I’m now beginning to recognize names like Brie Larson, and it’s not some new kind of soft-cheese according to my wise-about-pop-culture daughter.

For those like myself, Brie Larson is an actress and singer.  She’s probably best known for her recent Oscar winning performance in the movie Room.  But during our May ratings sweep, Ms. Larson was also the surprisingly successful host of SNL, driving strong viewer ratings for the program, but more importantly, driving very strong (+3 points at 54) earned media numbers.

A quick look into Larson’s full 4-year media profile shows an extremely strong January 2016 performance preceded by an envious don’t-look-back 2015 earned media rating debut.   But 2016 hasn’t been as kind to the actress.  That is until SNL took notice.  While the actress is nowhere near her Oscar-driven rating high, her May rating performance put her back striking distance going into the summer period.  The actress is rumored to be the lead in a number of high-profile movies opening later this year.  And if her prior performances and earned media attention are any indicator of her future success, she’s bound to be driving her earned media rating north of 70 points before the next Oscar season.