The Zika Virus continues it’s dreadful march northward across the southern U.S. board.  The New York Times reported just over 200 cases have been identified in the U.S. this year, and more are anticipated as high-season for mosquito populations approaches.  Within the condition and disease sector, zika virus storylines are increasing in volume, pushing the topic’s rating up +4 points to 94 this month on strong online news, broadcast, blog and Twitter volumes.

For some perspective (and that’s what sector comparisons are all about), the zika virus moved 3 positions within it’s respective sector (condition and diseases), returning to it’s March #2 position, just behind Cancer.  Interestingly, before wave of zika storylines began the topic itself was running in the low30’s on the rating scale and pooling close to the bottom third within its sector.  When the story hit both the wires and social network in October 2015 the topic moved from #95 to a $34 position.  With January’s rating survey, zika storylines advanced to their current sector band #3.

The online news media segment dominates the media channel covering zika.  Broadcast, blogs and Twitter are also showing strong media values, but the viral nature of online news and its global-focus has been the channel of choice for the topic.  Traditional print media (newspapers, magazines, trade journals, business publications and regional publications) have contributed at much lower volumes.