Drivers purchase a Tesla because they get a beautifully designed, high-tech, fun-to-drive, status-symbol automobile that’s helping reduce carbon emissions and create a greener future. Not surprisingly, the brand’s media trajectory tracks closely with energy and environmental storylines such as electric vehicles, oil & gas prices, and global warming. While we don’t foresee a media ebb in these topics anytime soon, it’s important for Tesla to keep a marketing eye on the broader media narrative that helps lay the foundation for brand consideration.

Let’s start with the Tesla brand first – how is it performing in the media?

The auto brand sector contains some very strong brands, so a key “macro” question for Elon Musk is, “what’s my media rank compared with our competitors?” I see I have a strong media rating of 85, up +3 points over the prior month and +15 above the sector average, and my rating trajectory is the envy of the sector. But are all boats (or cars in this case) rising with the auto coverage tide? No, because Tesla’s peer rank jumped +3 positions to earn the #14 spot – its best rank over the past 12 months. Sentiment is a little mixed at 70% positive, slightly off the sector average of 86%.

Now let’s move on to some related storylines that drive and support much of the media narrative swirling around the Tesla brand: electric vehicles, global warming, lithium batteries, fuel efficiency, oil and gas prices, etc.

The electric vehicle storyline is showing very strong ratings. Up +1 point at a new high of 92, the topic shows absolutely no slowdown across our 14 media segments. From a regional perspective, the topic is equally strong across North America, Europe and Asia sources. Social media is in lock-step with traditional media sources, and online search volumes are up +2 points at a strong 86.

Global warming storylines saw 5.6 million media mentions over the preceding 12-month period, representing $212 million in cumulative media value. The media has covered global warming extensively and the slow-to-flat rating growth suggests the topic may have hit a plateau at 91 points. Relatively lagging ratings in blogs and discussion forums are the only segments keeping the global warming topic from topping a 95 aggregate rating for April.

Oil and gas price storylines, another driver for Tesla brand consideration, continue to dominate both the energy and U.S. politics sectors. With a current media rating of 94, it’s ranked #1 and 2 respectively. These sectors are particularly competitive and consistently generate numerous 90+ media-rated topics. At 56%, positive sentiment is running well below the energy sector average of 78% — which is a good thing for Tesla.

In the end, the media ecosystem is enormous, with thousands of traditional sources and literally millions of downstream blogs, forums, Twitter and social media feeds. And mediaQuant is here to simplify it for you. Focus on the media dynamics of your brand, alongside the topics and influencers that affect your market and your customers. If you sell electric cars and your name is Tesla, know the indexed rating and media value of your brand, electric vehicle storylines, and the key market trends that shape the narrative driving your customers’ consideration set.