Beyoncé jumped head first into the athletic apparel sector last month with her launch of Ivy Park, a new line of athleisure apparel. You can always count on major disruption when a mega-celebrity decides to enter a brand sector, particularly one that is looking more “fashion” than “sport” these days.

Named after daughter Blue Ivy and Parkwood Park, the Houston spot the artist frequented as a child, Ivy Park gained +25 points to earn a media rating high of 69, ranking it #5 in the Athletic Apparel Brands sector behind New Balance (#4), Under Armour (#3), Adidas (#2), and Nike (#1).


These are some big, established players — and to go from relative obscurity to #5 is, well, just what one would expect from a superstar like Beyoncé (ranked #1 in Artists & Entertainers).

Segment-level rating performance is consistently strong with the exception of an online search rating of 33, off -1 point over the prior month. Ratings were also considerably higher in Europe (83), likely because Ivy Park is a signature brand of British retailer Topshop, whose chairman Sir Philip Green is Beyoncé’s business partner. Overall, coverage was well-balanced with no segment-level gaps or weaknesses. Media sentiment, however, is operating well-below the sector average.

The 4-year rating picture truly captures the sudden rise to brand stardom for Ivy Park. Of course, sustaining that rating position will be a challenge as the brand faces significant competition from Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and others as they too embrace the athleisure trend and pursue celebrity endorsement deals.

Looking just outside the athletic apparel sector, the brand out-performed some notable fashion brands, like Tommy Hilfiger (64), Coach (67), and Versace (64) this month! Beyoncé herself, on the other hand, earned a 94 media rating in April and is #1 in the artists & entertainers sector. The celebrity-factor is definitely at play here. We’ll see come end-of-May whether an initial celebrity bump can turn into a sustained celebrity grind!