trump-deal-with-it-resizedI think we’re going in circles.

Media coverage of Donald Trump’s media coverage is driving even more media coverage for the controversial GOP candidate.

As reported in the New York Times last month, Donald Trump dominated the earned media landscape, closing the trailing 12-month media period with nearly $1.9 billion worth of what some in the press refer to as “free media”.

For the March 1-31 media cycle, Donald Trump managed to out-perform his February numbers, squeezing an additional rating point to close at 99 (comparative 0-100 score of media prominence).  His corresponding media value was up about 10% to $487 million for the month of March, lifting his trailing 12-month campaign total to $2.4 billion and counting.

Here’s the latest earned media snapshot of the GOP front runner:

While we consider media sentiment to be more of a back-story, adding color to the overall media rating and value metrics, many readers may be surprised to see Trump performing better than Cruz, Kasich, Clinton and Sanders on this dimension. At 91% positive media coverage, The Donald is well ahead of the sector average of 71%. We’ll have to wait another month to see what sentiment he turns in for April.

Trump has maintained strong media ratings across all 14 segments, with a recent gain of +3 points in consumer media. And with near universal name recognition, Trump is still dominating the online search segment at 94, up +2 points over February.