ted-cruzx500Ted Cruz is one consistent media property. His campaign team rarely misses a media opportunity to rebut other candidates and reinforce his policy positions.

When it comes to the monetized value of news coverage, Cruz upped his game in March, generating $220 million in earned media for the month — enough to place him second to Donald Trump on this dimension. In terms of overall media prominence, he’s still second to Hillary Clinton and tied with Bernie Sanders at 96 media rating points.

The Texas senator’s rating 4-year high rating remained at 96 for the second straight month, after jumping +5 points from 91 in January. He’s successfully drafting off much of Trump’s coverage after Rubio and Bush suspended their campaigns.

Unlike his fellow candidates, Ted Cruz’ media momentum has not suffered over the ensuing months. While not setting any records, he’s avoided the momentum decline of the entire field. His steady media build-up has served him well as he’s been able to consistently build on his media base with very little drop-off from month-to-month. At 64%, positive media sentiment came in below the sector average of 71% and about midway between Donald Trump’s 91% and John Kasich at 50%.

If there’s any relative weakness in the senator’s coverage it may be in the consumer media segment where Cruz earned an 89 rating for March. The online search segment is also operating below other GOP rating values at 84 points.

Overall, Ted Cruz’ steady rating performance, consistently positive media momentum over nearly two years, and solid $220 million in earned media value places his campaign in a strong media position going into the second half of the primary season.