privacyx600The FBI may have figured out a way around Apple’s iPhone security (to access data of a known terrorist), but the media’s attention on the broader topic of “privacy” continues to gain momentum. In the FBI/Apple case, apparently hackers came to the rescue, which for now buried the Apple story — but not media firestorm around the Right to Privacy.

The topic advanced +3 points in March to close at new rating high of 87 (comparative 0-100 score of media visibility). The mention volumes and media value around the topic almost rival Donald Trump’s media gravitation pull.  March media value came in at nearly $400 million, bringing the trailing 12-month total to $1.7 billion. If you sell a service or product into this trend sector, the market is primed. Not surprisingly, positive sentiment is very low at 33% — well under the broader political topic average of 70%.

The only weak segment is online search, otherwise all media segments were strong, especially the online news and social segments (highlighted with light green background in chart), with media ratings of 98 or above.

We’ll see how the topic holds up after the FBI/Apple story fades from the media narrative. But momentum has been building for three consecutive months, suggesting the Right to Privacy topic may have additional media upside — especially vis-a-vis national secruity (92/NC) and the threat of terrorism (96/+2).