cannibisx600Guess what happens when you legalize a formerly prohibited substance? You get a new ratings leader in the Prescription Drugs sector!

Sorry Botox (73) and Viagra (71), but apparently if you can’t get laid or look 25 years old, you might as well get high and forget about the rest!

But seriously. Whether you agree or disagree with the legalization of marijuana in any context, the medicinal benefits in relieving pain, nausea, seizures, and muscle spasms are well documented and provide critical relief to those suffering from many debilitating diseases and conditions.

Other prescription drug brands can only envy the media visibility curve of medical marijuana, with a steady and consistent ratings growth of +8 percent over the preceding 4-year period. The topic is up +2 points in March at 81, an increase of  +5 percent over the same period in 2015.  The only weak media dimensions are low media sentiment at 44%, well under the drug sector average of 60%, and relatively low segment ratings in Europe (65) and online search (61).