kasichx500Despite a worrisome media plateau lasting nearly 5 months, John Kasich continued his media turnaround, gaining an additional +2 rating points in March to reach a new rating high of 89. Kasich will not be denied, continually ignoring calls to exit the GOP race in order to coalesce “anyone but Trump” support behind Ted Cruz.

Media values were strong for Kasich this month at $24.4 million, although the candidates still trails Cruz and Trump by orders of magnitude. The candidates weak media segments remain blogs and online search. Compared to Cruz, Trump, Sanders, and Clinton, Kasich has not been driving strong search metrics since entering the race. Search ratings are a good media “pull” indicator that help balance the “push” ratings of typical media segments.

Besides moderately weak blog and search metrics, the real worry should be Kasich’s declining media momentum. After 12 months of solid momentum, the Ohio governor turned a soft February into a decline in March. He’ll need to vault his media visibility into 90s rating territory to stay relevant in the mediasphere.