In the race for media love, it can get pretty competitive in the athletic & outdoor apparel brands sector. Not only do these brands outfit some of the top professional athletes, they’re also in a cutthroat race for a greater share of media mentions and reviews that drive brand sales.

Skechers has been earning fairly steady media ratings for nearly four years (orange line above). But things took a decidedly upwards turn in February, with with the brand advancing +5 points to a 61 media rating. From a media visibility perspective, this ranks Skechers #8 in the athletic & outdoor apparel brands sector and just 3 points behind Lululemon (64/#7), 7 points behind North Face (68/#6), and 8 points off Reebok (69/#5). If the brand can sustain and build on that recent media momentum, it could outpace these tier-2 brands for media visibility.

At the media segment level, ratings are unevenly balanced, but consumer-oriented segments are strong, with consumer news at 90 (+6) and online search at 91 (-2).


Skechers media advance was buoyed by a mix of product, earnings, corporate, and athlete endorsement coverage. Media mentions across all 14 media segments totaled 59,936 for February, translating into $616,628 in media value for the month. This puts the monetized value of Skechers trailing 12-month media coverage at nearly $110 million!