HomeAway, one of Expedia’s most recent acquisitions, is making impressive media inroads in the travel and hospitality brands sector. And the financials are stellar too — in a recent earnings call the parent company stated that HomeAway’s revenue is way up and new bookings are hitting all time records.

But what about the brand’s gravitational pull in the news? From a media visibility perspective, the HomeAway brand is strong. Not out-of-the-ballpark strong, but showing solid media ratings in the travel and hospitality brands sector.

HomeAway Global Media Snapshot

For the February media cycle, the brand advanced +5 points to 61 (comparative 0-100 score of media prominence), posting strong increases in US Newspapers and broadcast segments. The monthly increase moved HomeAway into the #9 peer rank position among competing travel and hospitality brands. (Airbnb is #1 at 85.) Mentions came in at 59,129 across global news channels, which translates into $445,773 in media value for February and $3,268,013 for the trailing 12 months.

Ratings are well-balanced across all three major geographic media channels – North America (62), Asia (69) and Europe (65). Consumer-oriented segments are very strong, with consumer news at 92 (+7) and online search at 84 (+2).

Although recent media performance has been stellar (+5 point increase in February), long-term media rating trends have been sluggish. The brand needs to capitalize on the recent media attention around earnings, new ad campaigns, and its Stay Neighborly initiative, and create a long-term media narrative that can sustain and build momentum from month to month.

Last year’s acquisition by Expedia may change the media picture for HomeAway as the brand moves away from its former comfort zone. Given the healthy and competitive landscape in the travel and hospitality sector, there is no reason HomeAway can’t break through the 60 rating barrier and post very strong 70+ media ratings.