I never considered my home actually dumb. Smarts were not a top priority but rather keeping warm, dry, and comfortable was the basic feature set – a little curb appeal never hurts too.

But along comes the advent of the smart home and my little abode may need to get some home schooling. The storylines and resulting media ratings for smart home technology gained additional ground this month, advancing the topic to a new rating high of 91 (on a 0-100 indexed scale). This is a very strong rating position within the technology trends sector where smart home stories are now rank #4, up +8 positions over the prior month.

Media momentum (comparison of short- vs. long-term growth) is recovering after a strong run in early 2015, turning positive for the latest January 1-31 media cycle. The topline media rating (weighted aggregate of 14 individual segment ratings) is up +4 points this month, and up +14 percent over the prior 4-year period. All media segments contribute strongly to the topline rating, with solid ratings across traditional, social, and search channels.

More than 60 million raw media mentions for the smart home topic across global news channels translated into $425 million in media value – and that’s over just a 30-day media cycle!

There are some heavy hitters getting in on the smart home action. Samsung (ranked #2 in consumer electronics brands at 97) just jumped into the market via an announcement at CES that the company intends to embed smart home technology in its televisions. And just about every consumer electronics brand has skin in the smart home game, including Apple (74) with its HomeKit automation framework. Google’s (99) acquisition of the intelligent thermostat brand Nest got the company into the smart home market ahead of many of its rivals. The brand also introduced a wireless router (OnHub) that doubles as a wireless speaker and smart home hub.

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