I can’t decide what scares me more, today’s drivers or tomorrow’s cars without drivers? If media attention is any indicator, the future of driverless cars is already here.

In January, the topic garnered 82,247 media mentions across global news channels.

Even the most un-savvy PR client should be asking, what does 82,247 mentions even mean? Is that a lot or a little? Is it more than last month or less? How does traditional media coverage compare with social media? Without context, raw media mentions are just one isolated data point.

Here at mediaQuant, since we measure media mentions for more than 3,500 trends, topics, brands, people, and organizations discussed in print, broadcast, and online earned media, we can distill them down to a comparative indexed score between 0 and 100. Only with a standard comparative score of media visibility can you get contextual, directional, actionable insight into how your brands and market influencers are trending in the media.

So for January 2016, driverless cars earned a media rating of 79 (out of 100). In the technology trends sector, this earns it a peer rank of #23. In the same sector, Smart Home earned a 91 and the #4 sector rank. Since we generate a standardized score, this rating of 79 can be accurately compared to any other measured entity in our media catalog. Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett also earned a 79 in January. NFL quarterback Peyton Manning earned a 74 and the #1 rank in the NFL Players sector.


The analytic magic lies in the translation of a simple mention count into something of practical and actionable use for marketing and media professionals. With a standardized score, we can now analyze and compare across time, across competitors, and across individual media segments. We now know the media trajectory of this trend: up +15% over 4-years. We know whether coverage is decreasing or increasing: it’s up +5 points over the prior month. And we know exactly how it compares to competing topics in the technology trends sector: it’s ranked #23, up +8 positions over competing tech trends. And we know how it’s performing across 14 traditional, social, and search media channels.

I can’t understand how any PR professional can still quote mention counts with a straight face. Only with a standard comparative score of media visibility, one that is indexed across a vast catalog of topics and earned media channels, can you work smarter by establishing meaningful benchmarks and monitoring and managing performance in earned media.

Take our dashboards for a free test drive today (they’re driverless), and see how media mentions can be translated into a powerful and insightful analytic!