Canada’s recently elected prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is enjoying an amazing run in the media.

With a January media rating of 82 (out of 100), Trudeau ranks #10 in the world leaders sector, down -2 positions from his high of #8. Media momentum is very strong with nearly six consecutive months of surging media volumes.

At a media segment level (individual media channels such as worldwide newspapers, metro news, journals, consumer magazines, blogs, etc.), Trudeau’s performance has been equally strong. Regional coverage ratings across North America, Europe, and Asia are all in the 90s, which bodes well for a world leader. Coverage in blogs, while relatively weak, was up +10 points in January.

The 4-year topline rating curve illustrates a moderate media presence throughout 2012-2014, followed by a quick uptick in 2015 and a spike during the final election push in the latter part of the year. A good international comparison would be David Cameron, the UK prime minister. Cameron’s media rating advanced +2 points in January, closing at a rating of 90. Trudeau hit a rating high of 90 just two months prior.  The media interest and fascination with Canada’s new prime minister is nice to see amidst the U.S. election coverage.