Pharma continues to be a magnet for political discussions, including patent extensions, off-label marketing and use, physician pay-for-play, and drug pricing practices. Both Republicans and Democrats, including Hillary Clinton (media rating of 96), Donald Trump (94), and Bernie Sanders (92) have voiced vehement opinions and policy recommendations on how to address these health care and pharma market practices. – See more at:

Recently, and for good reason, the media has been abuzz about huge spikes in drug prices. Turing Pharmaceuticals’ founder and Pharma Greed poster boy Martin Shkreli, with his smirk-laden announcement to increase the price of the AIDs drug Daraprim 5,455% from $13.50 to $750 per pill, sparked a media frenzy in September. Congress has initiated hearings and investigations into pharma pricing practices, all in an attempt to rein in spiraling healthcare costs. – See more at:

The prescription drug price topic has been on an upward media trajectory since mid-2014, and the most recent media cycle pushed the trend up +1 to a 4-year media rating high of 80. The drug price storyline is up +11 points over the preceding 3 months. As expected, positive media sentiment is low at 29%. – See more at: