With the 2016 Presidential Campaign in full swing, some early frontrunners are starting to lose media steam.

For the October media cycle, Carly Fiorina fell from the 90s-level stratosphere, losing -4 media rating points to settle at 86, which demoted her -4 peer rank positions to the #11 spot. – See more at: https://www.mediaquant.net/2015/11/carly-fiorina-showing-signs-of-a-media-downturn/#sthash.2j3DSRyG.dpuf

Two additional media metrics are also in decline. At $7 million for the month, media values are very low compared to her chief rivals. And at 22%, positive media sentiment is one of the lowest in the sector. Recent storylines have tended to cast her character in a negative light, with the media focusing on her HP executive record and unsuccessful effort to unseat Nancy Pelosi in the Senate.