If you haven’t heard of Fantex, you should check them out. Athletes as brands and endorsement vehicles is certainly nothing new in professional sports, but Fantex is taking the brand equity inherent in professional sports to an equity trading level. Think of Tony Romo as a tradable stock. In the world of Fantex, Tony Romo’s share price represents the value of Romo’s current and future earnings potential on and off the field.  I’ve over simplified the Fantex model, but it gives you an idea of how they’re approaching the athlete/equity/future-earnings opportunity.

We’ve got the earned media ratings for many of Fantex’s professional athlete listings, including Jack Mewhort, Michael Brockers, Alshon Jeffery, Mohamed Sanu, EJ Manuel, Vernon Davis and Kendall Wright. Here’s a quick rundown on the some of their key listings from a media popularity perspective (for actual Fantex market prices, checkout their current stock listing profiles for these athletes).

Let’s start with Jack Mewhort. For the August media cycle, his rating is off -1 point or -3% at 31.  Media momentum is improving, but still below a positive or media-building level (see red bars in graph).  A media rating of 31 (out of 100) is well below the NFL average of 53 points, but Mewhort has shown the ability to build his media rating to a 40 point level (2014 season high).

Brockers is starting the 2015 season slightly below his rating position going into the prior 2014 season.  His current media rating for August is up +2 points or +7% at 28.  Momentum has been negative since the end of 2014.

Alshon Jeffery is continuing to build and improve his overall media rating position. Jeffery’s current rating advanced +8 points or nearly +18% and now sits at a 4-year high of 45.  Media momentum is off this month, but much of the negative momentum can be attributed to the typical off-season media volume.

Mohamed Sanu is showing steady improvement on the media momentum front as illustrated through his 4-year rating curve. Sanu successfully pulled out of a 2012 media decline and has built a solid media base since 2013.  The current August numbers show the player up +6 points or +18% at 34, a new high for Sanu.

EJ Manuel and Vernon Davis are both even on the rating charts at 56 points, although EJ put in an amazing +17 point or +30% rating increase to catch Davis in the media. EJ Manuel shows an uncanny ability to maintain most of his media rating ground earned during the season across the off-season period. There is some loss of momentum, but for the most part his media rating remains solid in the 45-50 point range since 2013.

Vernon Davis is up +1 point or +2% at a 56 rating. Davis’s rating growth has slowed since since January and appears to have hit a rating plateau around 55 points. Media momentum has consistently dropped off during the off-season, with a consistent build during the season back to the 50+ range.

Kendall Wright is showing an amazing media spike for the August media cycle, advancing +9 points or +25% to 36.  The Tennessee Titan wide receiver is benefiting in the media through a strong association with quarterback Marcus Mariota. Mariota is still well below his media rating high these days, but at 54 points (up +5 this month) he’s an excellent source of collateral media coverage.