Uber may be expanding across the globe, but the brand’s media rating has all but stalled. Momentum metrics have been south of zero for nearly 5 straight months and a quick look at Uber’s 4-year rating trendline suggests the brand is settling into a plateau. Mind you, a 90+ media plateau is nothing to snarkĀ at. But competing brand Lyft is heading straight for the same rating territory.

For August, Uber is off -2 points at a 93 rating. Again, a media saturation plateau appears to be forming around the brand.

What’s truly driving Uber’s media values are the mentions across social media. Much of the 33 million media mentions and $421 million media value for August originated in social media channels. The brand has been maintaining a 90 to 93 social media rating for nearly 4 years! Search volume ratings have caught up to social and traditional media metrics and now stand at 97 points.

Across the car sharing sector, Uber has held its strong lead versus competitors. Lyft is the closest car sharing brand on the media rating radar at 73 points. That puts Uber in a 20+ point advantage over its nearest brand rival in traditional and social media segments.

August coverage was not entirely positive for Uber. Unionizing drivers, access to metro areas, and questions about driver background checks dominated Uber’s media coverage. There was some renewed media interest in geo expansion plans in China, but the media was quick to follow more negative storylines for the car sharing brand.