I like to think that I’m just slightly smarter than my home. But after browsing much of the August coverage on smart home applications and the growing interest among the big technology players, my days of being smarter than the doorbell in my house are numbered. The trend got a nice spike in coverage this month, advancing +7 points or nearly 9 percent to a very strong 78 rating.

The trend is one of the sector’s fast movers as it leapt past 17 other trends in the Technology Trends sector this month to a current #16 position (and that’s out of 95 top technology trends we’re currently tracking in the sector).

Media momentum did take a hit this month, down -58 percent, as some of the early advances in 2015 were not being repeated over the last 3-months.

It looks like Apple may be considering additional moves in this market (besides the Nest acquisition last year). But this month Amazon, LG, and Google all made big product announcements and broad commitments to the smart home trend. This market was all about small niche technology companies, but it’s hard to argue with commanding the electronic control hub in the home these days. Bottom line: it’s no longer a small-company play and broad media channels are taking notice.