Since going public with a $30 billion bid to acquire new drug company Baxalta, Shire Pharmaceuticals has lost about $5 billion in market value.  The chorus of commentary over the past media cycle has mostly been about the tough sell CEO Flemming Ornskov faces get this deal done.  But even with the tough sell, the one thing that isn’t difficult to sell is the media story.

Looking beyond the deal logistics, there’s nothing like a major pharma acquisition to raise a parent company’s media profile. And that’s exactly what happened to Shire. The pharma brand is up +6 points or +10 percent at a 60 rating. The latest media spike reversed a downward media period for Shire after the company posted strong media rating numbers throughout 2014. August also saw the company reverse the slipping media momentum the company brand has been experiencing since January 2015.

Individual drug and medication brands get all the attention in pharma these days.  It’s nice to see some company brand news break through the media noise.  Investors are all over the place on this acquisition, but the media is squarely focused on the company’s messaging and great impact on other pharma consolidations that my follow.