The significant bump in Olysio media visibility is a direct result of comparisons to competing Hep C medications, namely Sovaldi and the latest blockbuster Harvoni, both from Gilead Sciences.  The later two treatments are gaining amazing traction, and Olysio (J&J / Janssen) is taking a very big revenue hit.  The financial press has been brutal to J&J over what was not an unexpected financial result.

Olysio is up +12 points or +28 percent at a 41 rating this month.  It rocketed form #138 to #42 in the prescription drug sector on essentially bad financial news.  It’s likely that after the media dust settles on the initial financial news surrounding Olysio that continuing coverage will focus on Harvoni, leaving Olysio to continue losing media momentum and rating ground in the Hep C coverage area.