John Kasich Earns Media Rating High, Up +10 Points to 80

Strictly from a media prominence perspective, John Kasich turned in one of the most solid media performances across the entire GOP pool. His +10 point increase moved the Ohio governor to a new rating high of 80 points, now +20 points ahead of his trailing 12-month average. Year-over-year and cumulative growth rates are equally impressive at +57% and +21% respectively. The candidate is continuing to build on his early November 2014 media momentum trigger and recent August media values are extremely strong at $4.2 million (close to 50% of his 12-month total all in the last month).

And speaking of momentum, Kasich is on an 8-month roll, which is no small feat given how momentum is calculated. Essentially you have to consistently out-run your long-term rating average each month. And since those moving averages are constantly catching up to your latest rating number, it’s almost impossible to sustain high momentum numbers over a 6-month period.

The only negative in the Kasich media metric profile is his current sector rank position. While up a solid +4 points in August, the candidate’s late entry into the field has placed him at an back of pack starting position. The governor is currently ranked #15 in our 2016 Presidential Contenders sector.

Coverage was focused on the candidate and his position on key issues. There was very little controversy, comparisons to other candidates, or suspicious Super PAC funding storylines. His blue-collar roots, savvy positioning on social and religious issues, and a key endorsement in the South (Alabama governor) all fueled his current media popularity.