Hillary Clinton lost her #1 sector ranking this month to none other than GOP hopeful Donald Trump. Although Clinton hit a new rating high on a +2 point rating increase in August, her extremely strong 96 rating was not enough to hold off Trump’s 98 rating performance. The good news for the Clinton camp is media momentum is strong and consistently positive over the preceding 5 months, suggesting that media attention is still building compared to her performance in the first half of 2015.

The media distraction for Clinton continues to be the (manufactured?) personal email controversy, and recent polls show a resulting “trust” deficit in her candidacy, particularly among democrats and women. Bernie Sanders‘ rise in the polls and dramatic increase in media prominence isn’t helping Clinton either. The media now has a DNC fight to cover versus the former one-person DNC show.

The Clintons have always carried a lot of political baggage into every election, and they’ve weather each storm with remarkable audacity and skill. The primary is still in early incubation phase, but Clinton is showing some media vulnerability for the first time in 2 years. Sanders, Bush, and others are moving decisively into low to mid-90 rating territory which previously provided a nice media buffer for Hillary Clinton. That buffer seems to be eroding quickly.