Donald Trump Takes #1 Rating Position from Hillary Clinton

You could almost say that August media belonged to Donald Trump. Without exception the candidate for the GOP nomination cornered the media’s attention, moving up +9 points to a sector-leading 98 rating. Of course this was a new rating high for Trump (+16 points ahead of his own trailing 12-month rating average), but more importantly he moved ahead of every candidate, including Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 Presidential Contenders sector.

Media momentum is up +68 percent for August, although it’s hard to believe any candidate can maintain a 98 rating position in this media market. But coverage lately has discussed the real viability of Trump versus not just another Herman Cain GOP situation. Political analysts like Nate Cohn at the NY Times are beginning to question some of their earlier assessments of his candidacy given his surprisingly broad demographic appeal across republican voters.

His rating metrics really do speak for themselves: +16 points in front of his trailing 12-month rating average; matching the current sitting president on media prominence at 98 points; up +25 percent over the same period in 2014; double-digit cumulative media rating growth over the previous 4-year period; generating $214 million in media value for the month of August – even by Trump standards that’s a lot of money.

Donald Trump catapults to 98 media rating for August

Rating performance across key media segments is equally strong. Traditional media, social, and search volumes are all up. Search in particular saw a +20 point increase for August suggesting sizable grassroots interest in addition to mainstream media coverage.

Donald Trump strong across all key media segments for August.