At 43 points, Google Express is pretty low on the sector rating scale, particularly  by Google’s standards.  The online same-day delivery service brand is up nearly +10 points or +22 percent this month.  Year-over-year and cumulative growth are very strong.  But what about the +10 increase this month?

Apparently the news media got all hot and bothered when Google Express’ couriers decided it was time to organize – we’re talking unionize!   The brand was settling into a mid-35 rating position after debuting a high of 44.   The recent news brought the brand within 1 point of its 2014 high.

On the surface Google Express should be pulling ratings in the 60’s. But same-day-delivery startups are just not driving media attention as they compete with the Airbnbs and Ubers and the rest of the sharing economy.  It’s kind of what happened to tablets when wearables, aka smartwatches and fitness bands, came on the scene.

Even with the 10 point spike, momentum is still in the ratings basement at -85 percent.  The brand has not recovered enough media volume to get back on track to its early debut period in 2014.  And the courier/unionize storyline is not really sustainable, or predictive of a larger trend across the industry.  It’s also not a trend Google wants to promote as it adds cost to what is suppose to be a cheap and convenient delivery service.