The atmospheric media rise of GoPro may have finally come to a rest. The sport digital camera brand hit a new media high this month, up +5 points at 86. But a quick retrospective of the brand’s prior 12 month media performance suggest those types of monthly media advances are becoming increasingly rare.

Even with the announced introduction of a new, smaller and more lightweight version of the company’s flagship Hero camera, the brand is likely to struggle to move beyond an 86 rating in the Consumer Electronics sector.  The brand is 3 points ahead of its training 12-month rating average, matching its historical high of 86.  Momentum continues to slide, now off -43%, suggesting the brand is not drawing the media attention lately that it has over the prior 6-9 month period.

We do not subtract GoPro “video” mentions when calculating the brand’s rating position.  As expected, a significant portion of GoPro’s media coverage is collateral to the astonishing video’s posted and referenced in the media using the company’s unique cameras.  The company has done an excellent job of embedding its brand in these videos along with producing its own massive stream of GoPro action videos.  Red Bull is another example of a brand linked to action video footage.