Here are two of my favorite media candidates in the 2016 Presidential race.  Not necessarily my favorites politically since I’m resolved to remain candidate agnostic and simply crunch the media numbers.  But these two candidates are up against more established media personalities and both have different but equally challenging media obstacles in front of them.

The main obstacle is visibility.

Both Sanders and Kasich were operating at sub-50 rating averages before the serious campaigning got underway.  Kasich got serious a month or so after Sanders, but again, both got a late start to in their respective primaries and both are running about the same rating numbers today.

Kasch got a nice bump in July, up +4 points or +6 percent to move into the 70 rating band.  Sanders was already in the 70+ rating area with his June numbers, but did little in July to break-through and expand his media visibility versus fellow democrat Hillary Clinton.  Biden (88 points) also came on the scene in July and stole some of media limelight from Sanders.  Momentum for Kasich is slightly ahead of Sanders, but both candidates are in positive momentum territory and continue to build their media rating base.


Speaking of Vice President Joe Biden, his current ratings are flat at 88 points.  He’s the #2 democrat in the rating race, but just behind Hillary and Donald Trump if you look at the total pool of candidates across both parties.