The big news this month in the pharma brand sector was Teva’s $40.5 billion acquisition of Allergan, and its decision to abandon further acquisition talks with rival Mylan.   Primarily on acquisition coverage, Teva’s media rating was up an amazing +11 points or +14 percent at a new high of 81 points.  The brand continues to ride a momentum trigger from March, placing the brand in a number 3 position in its respective sector (just behind Pfizer and Novartis).

Considering Teva competes primarily in the off-brand generic space, its remarkable that the brand has obtained such a high sector ranking among strong branded drug suppliers.  But the healthcare market is undergoing dramatic changes and many of these changes are forcing lower costs, consolidation and a revamped delivery pipeline, all of which benefit the generics.

Both Allergan and Mylan are experiencing moderate rating growth.  Allergan showed essentially no media rating change over the prior month on news of the Teva announcement.  The brand has shown some softening on media momentum and the long term rating trend, while still generating growth numbers, is beginning to top-off just under 70 points.

Mylan has show 4 months of rating advances, taking the brand to a strong 75 rating position.  The brand is up a strong +11 percent over the same period 9n 2014 and +2 points over the prior month.  Mylan sector rank position has been steadily advancing and now comes in at #9, up +3 positions over the prior media cycle.

Teva had a great within-sector media cycle.  News of the Allergan acquisition boosted the brand ahead of Merck, Sanofi and Abbott with the pharmaceutical brand sector.  The rating landscape is beginning to mirror the sector’s rapid consolidation and acquisition dynamics.  While the structure of these businesses undoubtedly changes with these consolidations, the brand marketing stays relatively stable as the acquirer and target continue to leverage their hard-fought brand equity.