Stripe managed a media coup when it inked a deal to be the official campaign donation platform for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign.    Along with additional funding news, the online payment alternative to PayPal is up +7 points or +12 percent at a rating 56 rating position.  56 is a new high for Stripe and nearly 10 points ahead of the brand’s trailing 12-month media rating average(46 points).

And least I forget, Stripe also inked a deal with Amex.  Yes Amex.  Apparently Amex is a shadow investor in Stripe, so the partnership is more strategic then your typical payment gateway deal.

All I can say from a media rating perspective is wow!.  The only surprise here is why is Stripe’s rating still under 60 points!?!?!?!  It has to be the most under-rated payment brand in the sector.

But back to media metrics.

Momentum is off -46% over the prior month.  This is not unusual for skyrocketing brands and trends.  It’s very, very difficult to maintain those types of month-over-month rating spikes.  Inevitably, a slight lull blows your momentum into negative territory.  But the brand’s peer ranking remains strong at #9, up +5 positions over competing online payment brands this month (up +32 positions over the prior year).  Bottomline, Stripe is a top media play in the sector.