Let’s hope Lululemon’s recent beer promotion doesn’t continue to sink the company’s media position.  The brand is off a whopping -11 points or -17 percent at a 64 media rating, nearly 3 points below its trailing 12-month average.  Momentum is still strong for the plateauing brand, but growth is elusive and the 2013 high-water mark of 80 seems a distant memory now that the brand is at the lower end of its 12-month average.

Of  more concern for Lululemon is their related drop in sector rank.  The brand lost 5 positions to competing brands Puma, Reebok, Skechers, Converse, and ASICS in the Athletic & Outdoor Apparel Brands sector over the prior month, and -2 positions over the prior year, dropping down to the #9 sector rank.  These competing brands have all posted strong media stories along with inking athlete/team promotion deals. If Lululemon continues to slide in the rankings, it maybe considered more a fashion brand then a serious athletic and sports apparel brand.