Virtual Reality Trend Continues Media AscentIt was more than a year ago (February 2014) when the broader media took up the virtual reality topic and helped carry it to its current strong rating position. Virtual Reality is up +1 point at a new rating high of 82, well ahead of the topic’s trailing 12-month average of 77.  Media momentum is moderate this month at +13 percent as is year-over-year and cumulative 4-year media growth, both showing an +11 percent gain.

The 4-year trend line illustrates the remarkable media trajectory for this evolving technology area.

There fluctuations in coverage are minimal (grey lines) and momentum has not been off significantly for more then 18 months.  Positive sentiment is extremely high on the topic and well ahead of the sector average.  Sector competitive rank is very important in the Technology Trends area as there is a lot of competitive in the media for attention.  Virtual reality moved up +10 positions in the Technology Sector rankings over the prior year.

There was no single media event that propelled the topic over the May/June media period, which is actually good news.  The topic received broad coverage across numerous product and technology announcements.  The only standout story was confirmation that the market leading Oculus Rift will ship in 2016.  Rumors that Apple may enter the virtual reality market also stirred broad interest outside the trades.