Not surprisingly, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) squeezed out a new media rating high this month, ending the media cycle up +1 point with a extreme 86 rating.  Media momentum is still strong behind the President’s signature legislative effort, up +24% on trailing 6-months of positive media build.

The TPP storyline regained its media footing after the President launched a significant media campaign intended to build congressional support across the country.  I was lucky enough to snag two tickets for his stop in Portland for his formal TPP announcement at Nike’s headquarters (just outside Portland).


While just about every candidate and congressional leader has weighed in on the controversial and party-splitting trade agreement that gives the president “fast track authority” to negotiate trade deals with various Pacific Rim countries, the initiative itself continues to draw consider media attention.  The 4-year media trajectory has been steadily increasing and appears to be hitting its high-rating mark this month at a very strong 86 points.  Just as reminder, 86 points is higher then every candidate running for the 2016 Presidential office with the exception of Hillary Clinton.  And sorry Vice President Biden, it’s even more popular in the media then you.