A word to all new NFL rookies.  The off-season is not suppose to be off-season for your athlete brand.  Those lulls in media coverage translate into a hit to the brand mid-section.  Take it from our current top NFL athlete on the media rating board this month, Tom Brady.  The Patriots quarterback rating may be off slightly this month (-2 points), but his overall media rating of 71 is well ahead of his closest NFL peers, Tony Romo and Russell Wilson, both at 59 points.

Brady has maintained his stellar off-season ratings for may be not the best of reasons.  Deflategate continues to haunt the NFL’s top quarterback as Brady appeared before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to appeal the 4-game suspension he was dealt after the controversy broke in the media.

Brady is ranked #1 in the NFL Player Sector and #11 in the Male Athlete Sector, just behind Lionel Messi (73 rating) and ahead of Rory McIlroy (69 rating).  Not bad company for an off-season NFL player.  Media momentum just dipped under zero for the first time in nearly 8 months, suggesting that the media may be losing interest in the Deflategate storyline.