For awhile it appeared that the Gates Foundation was almost in a completely separate media galaxy from every other philanthropic organization. But with the media spotlight on Hillary’s 2016 bid for the White House, the Clinton Foundation is sharing a lot of collateral coverage.

The Clinton Foundation is up +4 points or +6 percent at a new high of 65 this month, pulling up to the Gates Foundation which was also up this month, but by +3 points.

You’d have to be born in another galaxy to forget how hungry the media is for election controversy. Any hint of impropriety on the part of a non-profit linked to a political candidate is ripe for a media feeding frenzy.  And while Hillary and the former president’s foundation are riding out the media story, the rising media tide managed to lift the Clinton Foundation to a top spot in the Philanthropic sector.

The 4-year media trajectory has notably followed a rollercoaster trend-line, but overall the direction has been positive with periods of positive media build.  The latest media momentum metric for June/July is up +99%.  The foundation is 5 points ahead of its trailing 12-month average and growth over the prior year is strong at +15%.

A quick look at the Gates Foundation shows an entirely different media rating story.  The Gates Foundation is up +3 points or +5 percent at 65, just 1 point below the foundation’s trailing 12-month rating average.

Media momentum has been decidedly down over the prior 6-month period and the overall 4-year rating curve is essentially flat, stalling at 65 points.  Year-over-year growth is off -7% and cumulative growth (CUME) is likewise off -2%.