If you shop online in India you’re probably using Snapdeal.  They’re the frontrunner in a competitive race to become the Amazon.com of India. Oh, and by the way, Amazon is in the race to.

From a media perspective, Snapdeal is having an amazing 4-year media ramp!  Year-over-year rating growth is up +24 percent;  4-year cumulative growth is even higher at +29 percent.  Both growth rates, along with the 4-year trendline below, illustrate an extremely strong and consistent media position.  Momentum is slowing and coverage is off -2 points for the current period, but coverage is consistently broad with few significant declining periods.

It’s difficult to isolate a particular storyline or topic driving Snapdeal’s May coverage.  Expanding product areas along with competitive comparisons were pervasive across most media channels.  Snapdeal’s business success has led to a number of important partnerships, all contributing to the brands media rating for May/June.  The only negative storyline surfaced when the company came under criticism for offering some prescription drugs and contraceptives on the Snapdeal.com site.