Scott WalkerScott Walker formally announced his entry into the GOP field Monday and took the media opportunity to directly address his target conservative audience. The Wisconsin governor closed the June media cycle just shy of 80 points to 79, up +1 over the prior month.

The July announcement should help Walker close in on a solid 80 point rating market over the next 2-weeks.  The only wrinkle in the Walker media numbers is a softening of his momentum over preceding 2-month period.  There is a definite plateau forming just under the 80-point mark.  Walker has plenty of media opportunity on the social media front where his rating is only moderate at 63 points.  His search media rating ok at 79.

A recent article in the NY Times pointed to the curious fact that Scott Walker does much his own media and campaign strategy development without an internal staff lead.  While this provides amazing message control, it appears to be leaving the governor open to issues in social media segments where a dedicated strategist might help lift his visibility.